Delivery Transparency

Hey there!

We love being transparent and open with our clients about our delivery process. We want this to be as smooth as possible for you so you have one less thing to worry about on the event date.

How do we calculate delivery?

Delivery starts at a base rate of $250 and goes up based on a variety of factors including:

  • Total time spent loading the truck and unloading the truck after the event, including the prep and safely packing items inside the truck
  • Travel time, mileage, and gas
  • Total time spent setting up onsite.
  • Total time picking up rentals at the end of the night with other vendors. Please be aware of clogged loading docks, lingering guests, and other circumstances that prevent the team from doing their job.
  • Peak season times like SXSW to account for longer drive times or any other delays
  • All moving supplies necessary
  • Your venue! Please provide as many notes as possible to our team about your venue. This means information about elevator access, tiny hallways, long walks from parking to the actual event location (outdoor venues), stairs, etc. Failure to do so means extra fees which we want to avoid!

Other important reminders for our clients:


Clients must have someone onsite to direct the team and sign for the rentals.

  • All large items will be setup according to your floor plan or on-site direction. Smaller items like pillows, candles, etc. will be given to the onsite contact to place.
  • If you have a design board, we always give you the final design to reference during load-in.
  • The delivery team is strong, but not design-minded so please remember they cannot help with layout changes, styling, etc.
  • Please clear the area so the team can complete their delivery and help set up. This means any other vendors (lighting, AV, other rentals, etc.) must be out of the way. Any additional time spent on-site with the team waiting, unable to perform their duties, means you’re subject to additional charges.
  • If no one is onsite upon arrival, the team will leave at the venue for you to set up as we have other deliveries throughout the day.

    Please make sure the onsite contact is at the venue or call if there is an emergency! We are always understanding of circumstances.