Pop Up Astrology Readings

Description: Mini-Astrology Readings
Astrology readings that span 5-10 minutes (depending on party size). Using the guest's time of birth, a personal astrology chart is generated. The astrologer reads the guest’s rising sign (first impression, how they present themselves), sun sign (personality, life force), and moon sign (emotional self, inner psyche). After giving the interpretation verbally, the astrologer then writes notes on a postcard for the guest to take and keep.

These are the most popular options:

The Big Three (sun, moon & rising only)
Described above

Love and Lust (moon, venus & mars only)
The moon represents our emotions, venus represents our approach to love/dating, and mars represents how we take action and get busy! This is a good way to hone in on your astrology love language.

Solar Surprise
A quick reading of interesting or unusual placements in the chart

Here & Now
Current planetary movements and how they interact with your personal chart

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