Minimum Order Amounts:

  • The order minimum is $750 – This means the total of the items on your order must come to at least $750 before fees and delivery.
  • The order minimum is $1500 during high season (March, April, October, and November).

Booking A Rental:

  • Once we’ve sent you a quote, items are on a soft hold for one week, after that it’s released to other clients to book
  • To officially book your order we require a 50% non-refundable retainer, signed rental agreement, and credit card on file if paying by ACH or check. 3% credit card processing fee.
  • The remaining balance is due 14 days before your scheduled event date(s).

Changes and Cancellations:

  • If additional items are added within the 14 day prior to the event day, another balance invoice will be issued. All outstanding invoices must be paid by the day of your event or we will not be able to deliver your items.
  • If you want to decrease your order within the 14-day period before your event you may do so, but no refunds will be given.
  • You may swap your items for equal or greater priced items up to 72 hours before your event (subject to availability).
  • If you cancel your order within 14 days prior to the event date no refunds will be given.
  • If you cancel your order between 30 days and 15 days prior to the event date, we will retain your 50% deposit but refund any amount you paid over that.
  • If you cancel your order 30 or more days prior to the event date, you will receive a full refund for any amount you paid.
  • 7 days prior to your load in date is the last day to request changes to your delivery logistics

 RUSH FEE: All orders are subject to a rush fee if placed within 14 days of your Reservation Load In Date and subject to higher fees if made within 7 days of your Reservation Load In Date to accommodate for staffing and admin.  

Will Call Orders:

  • There is no minimum for will calls, some restrictions apply.
  • Will Call pick up and return windows are during Warehouse Lead hours and agreed to by signing the contract
  • $75 late fees will incur for pick-up and drop-offs made outside the predetermined windows.
  • You must bring blankets, straps, etc. to keep our furniture safe and to avoid damages. If you do not have any, we can lend some but they must be returned or a fee will be issued
  • All clients are responsible for confirming their vehicle can fit the items and have measured appropriately

Delivery and setup:

  • $200 is our delivery minimum (no matter the order size), and will increase depending on various factors
  • Our delivery fees are based on the size of your rental order, venue, distance, crew size, and setup/breakdown of your order.
  • Delivery includes:
    • Time and labor involved in pulling and packing the truck prior to the event.
    • Time, mileage, and gas traveling to the venue.
    • Unloading items off truck at venue.
    • Time, mileage, and gas traveling back to warehouse.
    • Time, mileage, and gas returning to venue to pick-up items at the end of the event.
    • Time, mileage, and gas traveling back to warehouse.
    • Time and labor to unload truck and place items back to where they belong.
    • Use of truck or rental vehicle.
    • All moving supplies necessary.
    • Basic setup—the placement of the rental items based on a floorplan received prior to delivery or with direction from an on-site contact.
    • An Onsite Contact is required.
    • Please note: Styling is not included. Our delivery crew is strong. Our basic set up does not include the “Styling” of rental items—for example, placing the rugs properly, setting up the pillows, and making sure items are placed “picture perfect”. See “Styling” below for more information.
    • Breakdown—our crew will collect items at the end of the night.
  •  Delivery and Pick Up Times (Load in and Load Out)
    • Signature and payment is a confirmation of your order’s load in and load out times. You can find these times in the “LOGISTICS” section of your order and invoice.
    • Standard Load in and Load Out is a Two-hour ARRIVAL window
    • Priority is a shorter window
    • Please make sure you leave enough time for setup
  • Our team will require client’s signature upon load in and load out
    • The client is responsible for checking they received all rental items and returned all rental items undamaged at the end of the night
  • We require adequate access to the delivery site, including but not limited to: drive-up access to outdoor events, minimum of 4’ wide hallways, a standard size freight elevator (8’ wide or larger), and ramp access rather than stairs. If such access is not available, the client must inform us as additional manpower/time will be required for delivery. Failure to notify us of such delivery conditions may result in additional delivery fees.

Damage Fees + Other Fees

  • All orders (unless Will Call, which has a 15% Cleaning and Maintanence Fee) has a 10% Cleaning and Maintenance Fee. The fee covers cleaning our items, basic maintenance (small repairs, etc). In the case of damage beyond normal wear and tear, if the cost is higher than the damage waiver fee, you will be responsible for the cost to replace or fix the item. The fee does not apply to missing items.


  • Styling can be added to your order for a fee, based on the scope of work and amount of stylists needed. Styling entails one or more of our stylists coming on site of your event to set up the rugs and furniture, and to ensure that everything is arranged in a “picture perfect” fashion.

Rental Rates 

  • Daily rates: 24 hours period or less
  • Multi-Day Pricing**: We charge a max of 4 days.


  • Clients will be charged per day rentals are out of the warehouse
    • This includes setup and load-out dates

Site Visits:

  • Site Visits are an additional charge.

Sponsored Events:

  • Sponsored deliveries should not exceed more than $360.
  • All sponsored events need to have a card on file.
  • 1 fully sponsored event per quarter
    • Must benefit the community. The event needs to be MORE than just furniture rental.
    • Is it aligned with our values?
    • Is it aligned with our goals?
    • Did they fill out our Google Form?
  • 1 sponsored event per month with 50% discount on rentals.
  • 1 sponsored event per month with free rentals, client pays only delivery costs. 

Styled Shoots:

  • All styled shoots must have a card on file.
  • We provide our rentals free of charge for styled photo shoots to spread the word about our rental business and to build relationships with all wedding vendors involved.
  • Due to the volume of shoots we’re involved with, we do charge our standard delivery fee to cover our hard costs associated with our participation. Please note that we do limit the amount of rentals we provide, based upon our workload.
  • We ask to be the exclusive specialty rental vendor on all shoots. Incorporating other rentals from standard rental companies is allowed.
  • We ask for discretion in selecting the pieces that will be utilized. All rentals will be selected based upon item availability. We’ll often incorporate our newest rentals into the designs to be sure they haven’t been featured already.
    • Any previous events we’ve worked together on
    • Shoot date + location + time
    • A link to your Pinterest inspiration board or a mood board
    • Names of other confirmed participating vendors
    • Where the shoot will be submitted for publication