3 Design Tips to Transform Your Corporate Event

These days, throwing two chairs on stage and having your keynote speakers talk isn’t enough for a corporate event. Whether you’re planning a conference, a seminar, or a gala, turning a simple scene into something compelling for your audience will go a long way.

Here are three ways to transform your next corporate event:

1) Create a welcoming environment

Setting up comfy furniture like soft couches or lovely armchairs can create a setting that eases your speaker and makes them seem more approachable. I mean, look how comfortable Kristin Bell looks?

corporate event

But of course, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for your attendees is just as important.

Back in April, Keller Williams asked us to design something comfortable for their day-long conference. We included a mix of couches and chairs so they could easily rearrange them for breakout sessions. Ditch the formalities and allow your guests to feel like they can participate and share ideas in an open environment.

corporate event

2) Add decor

By adding a little decoration, your stage becomes dynamic rather than leaving it feeling cold and flat. Decor aligned with your brand gives the event more personality. We added a few accent pieces to the setup for The University of Texas’ Center for Women in Law 2017 Women’s Power Summit.

corporate event

Women Power Summit

Yes! That’s Gloria Steinem on our couch (:

Giving the stage a homier look enhanced the visual elements of the stage for the audience, making them look up from their phones instead of zoning off into space.

3) Use unique spaces and new venues

Even if you’re still booking a hotel for your corporate events, more companies are revamping their conferences to make lasting impressions on attendees. The key is to keep people coming back! Red Velvet Events did an amazing job here and here to change up your traditional idea of corporate events.

Red Velvet Events

From Red Velvet Events

Contact us to visit our warehouse, where we can begin visualizing how to transform your corporate event into a modern, inspirational space that will make your guests want to keep coming back.


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