We love working with event professionals to prove that a brand knows a thing or two about the art of the party! Whether it’s for an industry conference or a corporate holiday party, we provide all of the elements and rentals needed for folks to have a great time celebrating your company.
See our furniture at Austin’s top corporate event venues or ask about custom rentals below.
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Your Experience Starts with the Perfect Decor

What everybody in your company needs is some good ol’ worthwhile visceral experience. At Party at the Moontower, our corporate rentals do more than just provide a space to party—though they do that, too. Our aesthetic, forward-thinking rental options provide the perfect pieces to craft an unforgettable experience celebrating everything that makes your company unique.

Whether you’re looking to throw a party for your incredible employees after another successful year, activate your brand in a big way, or launch a new, revolutionary product into the market, we have the corporate party rentals you need to get things started in style.

Stage Design

If your event revolves around industry professionals giving informational talks to conference attendees, then stage design is an element that can’t be overlooked. Our corporate lounge rentals serve as a space for a panel of speakers to converse comfortably, while attendees have an engaging set to fix their eyes on.

Brand Activations

We provide brand activations like photo booth backdrops and VIP corners for industry conferences and events like South by Southwest. We specialize in distinctive corporate party rentals that create a fun and memorable atmosphere for your brand! We frequently partner with local companies to bring out-of-the-box activities to events, from terrarium building to massage nooks!

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is where the real networking happens, right? Bring the event to a close with a setup that encourages people to stick around and mingle! Visit the bar, stretch your legs, or relax on our corporate lounge rentals.

Company Holiday Party

Seasonal celebrations are where it’s at! We look forward to turning corporate spaces into a winter wonderland—or keeping partygoers cool at a midsummer shindig. We have holiday party packages at the ready to help ease the planning process, where we make sure to include all of the must-have corporate party rentals that can be easily scaled to accommodate your needs!

Other Corporate events we provide rentals for:

  • Real Estate Staging—Open Houses or Photo Shoots
  • Photo or Film Production Design/Prop Resource
  • Supper Clubs
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