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Pre-Styled Lounges


Al Fresco


Mid Century


Out West


Pre-Styled Lounges – Lounge Furniture Rentals

We offer the lounge furniture rentals you need to create the perfect space for your guests to relax, get to know each other, and take group photos with all their new friends. 

Choose from our pre-styled lounges to get the ideal space you need. Want to capture some true Texas vibes? Our Out West lounges will get everyone into the rodeo spirit. Hosting an outdoor event? Our Al Fresco options provide an outdoor oasis without worry. And our Austin pre-styled lounges give you plenty of ways to bring out the feeling of our home city. 

Of course, if you don’t see exactly what you need, we provide plenty of a la carte furniture rentals to craft your very own custom party lounge!


Sofas – Party Sofa Rental

While we always want our party guests up and moving around, sometimes there’s nothing quite like kicking back and letting the party come to you. Our party sofa rental options are perfect for creating a comfortable, social space for any Austin event, whether you need a place for the in-laws to converse at your wedding or you’re creating a relaxing networking environment for your corporate party.

The appropriately named Godfather Sofa is an Italian leather and walnut sofa that demands to be enjoyed with the finest Scotch available. For less austerity and plenty of cushy comfort, the Morello Armless Sofa is a practical and popular choice, with plenty of room for your guests to park and rest. Looking for something on the lighter side? We have a wide selection of party sofa rental options in shades of cream, off-white, and more—along with more vibrant offerings if you’d like a splash of color from your preferred party lounge furniture.

Get the perfect centerpiece for your party lounge with stylish, spacious, and comfy sofa rental options from Party at the Moontower!

Accent Chairs

Accent Chair Rental

When your guests are weary of partying hard, get the perfect stylish options to help them take a load off. Our accent chair rental options range from cushy to minimalist—but they’re all undeniably stylish.

The Sherpa Lounge Chair is always a popular option for party planners, with a sleek and modern design that retains all the comfiness you need. Meanwhile our Acapulco Chairs are handcrafted from high-quality leather that provides the perfect blend of form and function for your guests. Need a bit more space for guests to cozy up? Our loveseat options are the perfect place for some one-on-one time between your guests.

Craft the perfect party lounge, social space, or relaxation zone with our accent chair rental options at Party at the Moontower.

Poufs & Ottomans

Coffee & Side Tables

Coffee & Side Table Rental

Whether you need an accent piece or a focal point, our coffee and side table rental options make the perfect addition to your party’s lounge space. These tables range from minimalist to quirky, muted to colorful—yet all are undeniably stylish!


Rug Rental Options

Set the scene for your event, nail down the vibe of your corporate lounge, or create the perfect path down the aisle at your wedding with our variety of high-quality rug rental options.

We offer several styles and designs to suit the vibe and color palette of your event. From Boho to Mid-Century, Romantic to Organic, our rug rental options are nearly endless. Use muted neutrals to let other colors pop or choose vibrant, showy textiles to add creative flair.

In addition to our typical rug styles, visit the Al Fresco page to view our rental products that are well-suited for outdoor use.



Though may not realize it, pillows play a big role in bringing a whole vibe together. Whether you need to add a subtle accent or a vibrant pop of personality, our pillow rental options give you the perfect products to pull together your event lounge. Our pillows range from luxurious materials and treasure tones, like the Dusty Bronze Velvet Pillow, to the subtle and soft elegance of nature, such as the Sage Green Pillow. Maintain a minimalist feel with our variety of neutral and off-white options—or spark a whole new conversation with the unique Blue Eye Pillow.

With pillow rentals from Party at the Moontower, the mix and matching potential is boundless.