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Dining & Cocktail Tables

Cocktail Tables

Dining & Cocktail Table Rentals

Tables are like the central support of a party. After all, the delicious food and refreshing drinks you’ll be serving need somewhere to go! At Party at the Moontower, our dining and cocktail table rentals are carefully selected to bring the right vibes you need no matter what kind of event you’re hosting.

Our bistro options are the perfect table rentals for your next cocktail hour (or hours). We also offer several outdoor-friendly table rentals to make your lunch, dinner, or cocktail hour Al Fresco (just don’t forget an umbrella to keep the Texas heat at bay).

Whether you’re looking for low tables or bar height, picnic-style or traditional, our dining and cocktail table rentals have you covered.


Bar Rental Options for Your Party

Bars set the tone for many parties and events. They act as a focal point that guests will return to again and again, and choosing the right bar rental that will suit the vibes of your party is essential.

Need something sleek and elegant? Or do you prefer a more lighthearted, springtime aesthetic? What about a bar that just oozes nightlife and getting your groove on? We’ve got you covered no matter what kind of event you’re planning!

If you’re putting together the next big Austin party or event, Moontower has the bar rental options you need to wow your party guests—from the start of cocktail hour all the way through last call.

Chairs & Barstool

Party Chair & Barstool Rental

Partying is hard work! Between bouts of moving and grooving, it’s important to make sure everyone has a place to take a load off—and look stylish while they’re at it. At Party at the Moontower, we have the party chair and barstool rental options you need to give everyone a place to relax, chat, have a drink, and do everything they need to recharge and keep the party going.

We have a wide selection of chairs for every stage of your event. Choose from our selection of stylish folding chairs to give your event plenty of flexibility when you need it. Our bench seating options will ensure everyone is nice and cozy. And of course, our barstool rentals go perfectly with the wide selection of bars we offer to rent, as well!

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, Party at the Moontower has the party chair rental options you need to leave everyone sitting pretty.

Dining & Bar Packages


Tabletop | Table Setting Rentals

Set the scene for your reception or wow your dinner party guests with curated table setting rentals from Party at the Moontower. Our tabletop rentals are stylish across the board, with a complete array of sparkling silverware, glasses, dishes, and elegant linens to complete the ensemble.

Opt for white or cream table settings for a simple and traditional look, or choose from our sleek charcoal options that contrast beautiful with bright cuisine. For those with a more nature-inspired color palette, forest, emerald, and fog options work beautifully.

Our table setting rentals will provide the finishing touches to match your dining decor.