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Out West





Luxe – Luxury Furniture Rental

Gold and silver and brass. Jewel tones of emerald and sapphire. Elegant black, white, and all shades in between. At Party at the Moontower, we offer a broad selection of luxury furniture rental options perfect for adding the right level of swankiness to any event. Add a pile of treasure to your lounge with throw pillows in gold and emerald, or shop some of our subtler luxury pieces, like the ever-popular Chenin Wishbone Dining Chair. Elevate your aperitifs with the Averna Cocktail Table, which cuts a sleek figure in jet black.

No matter your event, we have the luxe pieces you need to ensure every guest feels sophisticated.


Al Fresco

Al Fresco – Outdoor Furniture Rental

Our Al Fresco style furniture is designed to provide you with the perfect rental options to bring your outdoor event to life. We offer a wide variety of tables to keep the conversation going, as well as chic, sharp chairs and sofas that are every bit as comfortable as they are stylish. From umbrellas and tents to provide shade in the Texas heat to outdoor-friendly textiles, including water- and dirt-resistant pillows and rugs, we have everything you need to take things outside—and bring the vibes with you.

Each item in our Al Fresco category has been carefully selected by our team as our most outdoor friendly rental furniture and decor. Choose from our standard outdoor furniture rental options above, or reach out to us if you have customization needs!



Moroccan Furniture Rental

Whether you’re throwing a theme party or stepping outside the box for your wedding decor, we offer an assortment of Moroccan furniture rental options to suit your space.

Popular rentals include a wide variety of textiles, including enough floor pillows and cushions to accommodate all of your guest. We also have gorgeous Moroccan-style rugs, including multiple outdoor-friendly options if you and your guests will be enjoying the fresh air. Our Antique Brass Tray Tables provide the perfect place to perch your drinks, while our ottomans, poufs, and floor cushions make for many different seating possibilities.

In addition to our a la carte rentals, our pre-styled Ah Sing Den lounge is a curated selection of some of our top Moroccan furniture rental options all gathered into one cohesive, vibrant look to set the stage for your party. All that’s missing is you and your guests to gather ’round!