Massage Nooks with LiveLoveRelax

It’s time to take your massage to the next level.

Looking for a different kind of activation for your VIP lounge? Or a little TLC the morning of your big day? Let’s work out those kinks with our new massage nooks! We partnered with LiveLoveRelax to bring you a dose of zen for your next event.

Why massage?

Events can be stimulation overload for some, but these private spaces are meant to leave your guests feeling rejuvenated. Massage raises your energy levels, vitality, and mental clarity. How about that for a pleasant surprise experience?

LiveLoveRelax will work on the spots that are plaguing you most, leaving you with a new awareness of your body. They uses a variety of techniques from Swedish massage to Reiki.

Zen Zones

We’ve thoughtfully crafted 3 massage nooks made for any and all events. All of our nooks come with:

– One screen to give your guests’ privacy during their massage

– Two side tables for them to comfortably place their items

– A rug to create a soothing experience

– A table or chair massage depending on your booking by our good friends at LiveLoveRelax

Massage nooks cost $720 and include all the furnishings and 3 hours of chair-massage services. Additional hours, number of masseuses and table vs. chair massage can all be added for an additional fee. Note that the price does not include delivery, which varies depending on location. Please inquire for a quote for your specific needs!


The Haven Massage Nook

Cozy and warm, our Wildwood screen will transport you or your clients into an enchanted space. This nook is great for all events and ideal for pre-wedding relaxation.



The Oasis Massage Nook

Designed to bring feelings of calmness and serenity. The sea, the sky. Blue evokes all the good feelings. The Oasis Massage Nook is ready to book as a VIP room at your next conference.


The Chillhouse Massage Nook

Taking care of the body is a top priority. Simple and sweet, rejuvenate mid-event with some time in the Chillhouse. These modern gold screens make for an elevated wellness experience. 

Please email us at to book for your next event! We can’t wait to chill with you.

LiveLoveRelax is available for private bookings or other events. Find them on Instagram — @LiveLoveRelx @weddingwellnesstx


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