How To Save Money On A Wedding Venue

Guest post by Katie of Venues & Vows.

Did you know the average wedding venue costs over $14,000? And the average wedding adds up to just over $32,000? Quite a hefty price for a six-hour event. That’s about $5,333 per hour.

You sacrifice a bit of your savings or dip into credit card debt to have your dream day.

Luckily, there are a LOT of alternatives to the “traditional” wedding.

To save money on a wedding venue, some couples choose to elope; others have intimate/informal gatherings; some sacrifice the weekend to have it on a weekday.

These are quick cost-cutting ideas but have you ever thought about renting a private residence, farm, ranch or beach house for your wedding?

It’s important to find a venue within your budget, but still gives you the wedding you’ve dreamed of, right? I just got engaged over Memorial Day (woo!) and I’m choosing between three venues right now that will help me save money on a wedding venue.

Check out the three venues I’m choosing between:

Option #1: An Oasis Ranch

Save Money On A Wedding Venue

Option #2:  A Private Estate in Hill Country

Save Money On A Wedding Venue
Option #3: A Lake Travis Getaway

Save Money On A Wedding Venue

These venues all for the freedom to use different vendors and create the style that fits you and your fiancee’s personalities.

To demonstrate the cost savings a bride and groom can experience, Party At The Moontower and Venues & Vows partnered to create a “mock” wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at a killer (private) spot in East Austin.

Wedding Component Our Cost National Average
Venue Event Fee $1,000 $14,788
Weekend Accommodations for 13 $2,500 $3,300
DJ $750 $1,171
Alcohol/Bartender $1,200 $2000
Cakes/Desserts $455 $575
Catering $5560 $9452
Party Favors $188 $267
Flowers/Décor/Lighting $1930 $2300
Tables/Chairs/Furniture $1336 $1231
Grand Total $14,919 $35,084

For an entire 10-acre weekend rental with overnight accommodations for 13 people, the food, DJ, lighting, flowers, and of course, the furniture totaled to $15,000.

While the cost can sometimes be daunting, it is possible to have the wedding you want and still save money on a wedding venue. And I count myself lucky because the different vendors throughout the Austin have really unique offerings to make it personal.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue, contact Katie and check out Venues and Vows or find her on Instagram.


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