Sunset Wedding Color Palette Ideas

Here Are Our Top Unique Takes on the Sunset Wedding Color Palette

Have you ever met a sunset you didn’t like? Pulling inspiration from sunsets is a beautiful way to incorporate warmth and whimsy into your wedding day. Using sunset colors in your wedding can be so much more than just your floral arrangements. Here are a few of our favorite weddings that crafted their own stunning, sunset color palette, with vibrant, individual takes making each wedding unique. 

Bold & Bright Sunset Wedding

Colorful weddings are all the rage this year, and as we head into spring, we expect to see more and more beautiful bold colors make their way into weddings. This Indian wedding incorporated sunset inspiration into their florals by Flora Fetish. Using luxury floral designers is an easy place to start planning your color palette.

Our Syrah Modular Sofa is a knockout and provides a colorful base with luxe quality. It comes in two shapes – straight and curved. Use two, three, or four sections of the Sryah to create many seating combinations. Popular choices are a C-shape that encourages conversation or a long S-shape to divide ample, open spaces in an event space into cozy sections. The Queen Bee Lounge Chair in Honey compliments the Syrah Sofa to create that perfect sunset palette.

an example of vibrant sunset colors used in a wedding lounge featuring a sofa and two armchairs

Deep Sunset Wedding 

Are you looking for a deeper and subtler sunset color palette for your wedding? Think deep reds, oranges, and purples, along with touches of gold and bronze. 

Our vintage Chelada Equipal Chair in Brown is a warm accent chair, and when paired with the Apple Red Rug, it creates an inviting, cozy space that embodies a sunset.

Modern Romantic Sunset Wedding 

Camino Real Ranch is a venue that embodies the soul of Austin and is the perfect backdrop for your sunset-inspired wedding. Keep it modern with warm hues for your ceremony, and don’t be afraid to include pops of more vibrant sunset colors in the details. 

The lounge uses our neutral white Colada Lounge Chairs and blush Pink Lady Sofa as the soft seating for a standout couple. Let our team at Party at the Moontower help you choose the perfect rentals and thoughtful colors to create that stunning sunset color palette for a wedding that truly reflects your personality and style. Reach out today to start planning!


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