5 Better Ways to Set the Stage for Presentations and Panels

Learn How to Nail “Exciting, Yet Professional” with Your Panel Discussion Stage Setup

We’ve all attended a conference or panel discussion before. People face a stage with the speakers seated as the main focal point. But setting the stage for presentations and panels doesn’t need to be mundane or cold. There’s no rulebook—and besides, we think rules are made to be broken! The stage setup for a panel discussion or presentation should never make your audience lose focus or get distracted. Here are 5 great ways to make your event stand out.

Get Comfy

Keep it very relaxed with a sofa for speakers and the audience on the floor! Layered rugs, pillows, poufs, and low tables make it comfortable and fresh. Put your panelists on a relaxed seat to encourage the flow of conversation. Think about the comfort of your speakers as well as the effect it’ll have on the audience! For this Lakeside Wellness Retreat, the planners wanted to refresh their attendees through movement and mindfulness. Activities included yoga, meditation, and wellness discussion.

Branded Backdrop and Furniture

an example of using branding in a panel discussion stage setup, with the logo placed on the backdrop

This is a great way to use the furniture to your advantage. Show off your event on a pre-made decal you can put on side tables or a pair of walls! If you’re live streaming or taking photos, you can put your sponsors’ names front and center. Plus, you can use specific colored furniture to suit the brand or theme.

Lounge Setup

panel discussion stage setup using lounge furniture to create a relaxed environment

Try an even more laid-back environment by creating a lounge setup. We’ve talked about design elements you can add to your conference event and how that affects the experience for your panelists. You can design an entire living room in the middle of your stage!

Fireside Chats

stage setup for a one on one interview, with the two participants seated on an off-white sofa

For a one on one interview or Q & A, try simple lounge chairs with a side table. Watch any talk show, like The Kelly Clarkson Show, and she always sets the atmosphere like it’s two friends chatting by a fire.

Change the Layout

a unique approach to stage setup with the presenter in the middle of the audience

Or just change the layout of the chairs! For this event, our client arranged the seating so the moderator was the middle instead of the on the side. The chairs then formed a U-shape around the moderator, who could turn back and forth toward the speakers as they answer questions. This created a more intimate feel.

Ready to Make Your Corporate Event a Success?

At Party at the Moontower, we’re here to be your partners in party—professionally, of course. As a leading source for design-forward corporate party rentals, we’ve seen clients take many unique and exciting approaches as alternatives to traditional tried-and-true panel discussion stage setup techniques. With the right blend of intrigue, comfort, and professionalism, you can create a memorable presentation or panel that will encourage genuine interest and conversation.

Want to discuss an upcoming corporate event you’re planning? Reach out to us!


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