SXSW Lounges – Custom Designed for Your Event

South by Southwest (SXSW for you out-of-towners) is the time for Austin to showcase to the world what we do best…party! Now, we don’t party in the same way Vegas or New Orleans parties… we have our own way of doing things. One thing is for sure, you can expect any SXSW sanctioned or corporate sponsored event to look anything but typical.

Ordinary and boring? No.

Unique and fun? Always.

In addition to free booze and food, worthy parties and activations must have a place for people to chill and connect with friends, re-fuel or enjoy a cocktail while taking in the experience. As a design and party-loving bunch, we’ve dreamt up and mocked up what a few of our these ideal SXSW lounges would look like. A corporate event that pushes the boundaries in terms of style yet, remains functional for attendees is what we’re is striving for… in other words, both fun to look at and comfortable to relax in.

Speaking of fun to look at, another factor to consider is that most people are coming from out of town and want to feel the distinctive vibe our city has to offer. Since we specialize in what we like to call the “Austin modern” style, the SXSW lounges we can create for you will help you achieve this coveted look and feel. A startup launch party, closed networking event, stage for speaker panel or an oasis in the middle of the chaos… No matter what the intended usage, we can help you shape the space and enhance your attendees experience.

SXSW Lounges Inspiration for
Activations, VIP Areas and Speaker Interview or Panel Stage Sets

Good for Indoor Activations:

Rock & Roll Ready with our “Gibson Lounge”:

Luxe Mid-Century:

Casual Cool:

Embrace Texas with a modern twist with the feminine Disco Cowgirl:

or masculine Midnight Cowboy Lounge:

Good for Outdoor Activations: 

Mexican Modern “Latchkey-Lounge”:

Palm Springs Vibes with either:

True Austin Vibes—Modern but with warmth:

Sit and stay a while with a low lounge:

These are just some ideas to get you started. With our custom designed SXSW lounges, our goal is help you pull off your brand’s vision while incorporating a bit of the Austin-style every SX event needs. Contact us now and let’s get the party started!


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