Tips For Styling Your Event

So you’ve fallen down a Pinterest rabbit hole while trying to style your upcoming event… Don’t worry! We are here to help you style your best event to date! With these few tips for styling your event, you will have your event planned and ready in no time.

Know your details

Rule number 1, know your budget! Event rentals and venues can range from minimal to extravagant, and having a general idea of where to start will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Before beginning to plan, we recommend thinking fully about the reason for and what you want to take away from your event. Prioritizing these considerations will help you narrow your venue and budget before starting.

If a wedding, what elements are the most important to you… Inviting every single one of your friends and family? Having an intimate, upscale experience? Showing your guests the city that you love? The answers to these questions will help you determine whether to look at venues in the city or country. It will also help you allocate your budget—do you seek out a ceremony backdrop of your dreams or spend your money on having late-night food trucks?

If planning a corporate event, what is your primary goal? To show appreciation to your team or clients? To raise awareness for your product? Is there a specific ROI you’re trying to achieve? When styling your event, your goal should drive the venue’s location and layout. For example, if launching a product, you’ll want to create multiple mini vignettes around the space to showcase the new piece and let as many customers as possible interact with it.

Theme and Style 

Choosing a theme or style will help you select a venue, or your venue can help you decide your theme and style. It helps to choose a theme that works in collaboration with your space rather than working against each other. If you’ve chosen your venue, think about existing decor, view, and location. A dark, moody venue may not work well for a bright summer party.

Flexible Seating

Looking for something unique? Flexible seating options like cocktail table sets and lounges create relaxed spaces for mingling. Mixing high and low dining sets alongside various lounges is an inventive way to make your event stand out and provide multiple opportunities for your guests to relax. (P.S. They look great in photos)

Layer it up 

Layering rugs, pillows, and floor poufs can add color and texture to a space. Layering rugs is a simple way to change a room’s look and feel completely. It’s also a way to add personality and interest to your wedding aisle.

Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to mix your colors, fabrics, and textures to create an unexpected and dynamic look. If going for a bold color combo. Mixing metals and different surfaces can create a fantastic contrast in your space.


Lounge event rentals can magically transform a space and help our guests have that memorable and fun experience we all strive for. We offer pre-styled themed lounges if you need help mixing and matching your event rentals. You can wait for inspiration to strike from a specific piece or vibe.

See something you like? If it’s not quite right and you’re too busy to plan, contact us, and we’ll help you create an impressive space. We’re constantly creating new vignettes as our inventory grows and new trends emerge, so be sure to check back each season for updated lounge event rentals!

We hope these tips for styling your event will help you plan your next event. If you need more help and ideas, don’t worry. We are here to help you style your best event to date!


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