Wedding Budget: Where to Splurge and When to Save

Wedding planning is an exciting time, but setting your wedding budget? Not so much. The most stressful part of the process is deciding where to spend your money and what you can do without. Here are the elements we consider to be vital to everyone’s good time, and the details that can be passed over altogether.


One of the biggest investments is the wedding venue itself, and Austin has no shortage! Some venues offer packages that can take some of the planning and booking out of your hands, but that typically comes at a price. When choosing a venue, be sure you’re clear on which items are included, which additional services need to be chosen from their preferred vendor list and whether you’re able to bring in your own vendors.

We’ve worked with Venues and Vows on several occasions (see above photo!!) — this is a fantastic service for couples that are open to alternative venues. Private estates, mansions, and ranches can all be rented out for your ceremony and reception, and no one knows they’re not typical spaces! Saving here allows you to “splurge” elsewhere and focus in on the details that are important to you.

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is about two people, while the wedding reception is about everyone. So! We suggest that you think about previous wedding ceremonies you’ve been to and what caught YOUR eye. Depending on who you ask, the responses will always be different. Some couples love the idea of standing under an intricate arch with an abundance of florals, whereas others prefer a minimalist backdrop.

Our perfect ceremony backdrop looks a little something like this.

White Bar Display used as a ceremony backdrop! Florals by 3 of Cups

We’re fans of elegant, yet simple touches that don’t detract from the stars of the show — you and yours! As an event rental company, of course, we’re advocates for actual chairs versus the foldable alternative. We believe the pieces themselves add interest and eliminate the need for excess florals.


The Negroni Chair


Wedding Reception

In our opinion, your centerpieces shouldn’t prevent you from being able to see the person sitting across from you. They should be tasteful and subtle — an opportunity to add a pop of color or texture to each table. We always look to Plant Party to design the cutest terrariums that also serve as the perfect table toppers. She can make them as simple or as intricate as you’d like!

Plant Party

If there’s one thing we know about weddings, it’s that folks head straight to the bar post-ceremony to help transition them from emotional to party mode! While the bar arrangement is included in some venues, right off the dance floor is optimal positioning. This particular rental — the Customized Teardrop Bar Trailer — unfolds on site and is bound to be a topic of discussion throughout the evening. It’s just so cute!

The Liquid Movement

If people aren’t dancing or drinking, they’re temporarily resting their feet or people watching from the sidelines. A few lounge spaces dispersed throughout the space is a must, as it allows guests to get up from their assigned seats and mingle with one another! Here is an example of a budget-friendly lounge featuring the Mahia Daybed and a couple of our O’Doul Poufs.

wedding budget


The takeaway? Your wedding doesn’t need to be a grand affair in order to be memorable. It just needs to look and feel like “you!” When setting your wedding budget — our best advice is this: prioritize the elements that you’ve always imagined having a part in your wedding and save on the details you know you’ll forget about down the road.


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