Winter Party Collection

What to gift your family, booking travel, holiday party invites…there’s too much to worry about this time of year. Let us take a little something off your plate with our Winter Party Collection. Book a Small, Medium or Large Package in your choice of theme—each for one flat price. Yay!

Below we designed party lounges that feel seasonal and festive without going all grandma-style (read: red & green, reindeer, snowmen, etc). Then paired them with party must-haves: cocktail tables and bars.

Add on dining table/chair combos if you’re doing the sit-down dinner thing, backdrops, extra lounge seating and more—all at 15% off!


1) Choose a size

2) Choose a lounge collection/theme. (Subject to availability. No substitutions, please.)

3) Choose add-on’s if desired (extra seating, etc)



Small Package:


Medium Package:


Large Package:


Add ons—offered at 15% off:




Warm Reds

Chilly blues and whites

Lavish and big like 80’s shoulder pads

Warm whites with pops of red and silver

Now that we’ve got your back in the party furnishings department, you can go back to important things, like finding the best white elephant gift…such as this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or dare we say this. Sorry, we digress… If you need a fully customized lounge for your event we can do that too, just ask.

Note: Medium and large collection mockups above do not show all the cocktail tables included. Please refer to the size section for what’s included.


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