WORK Conference | Modern, Branded Stage Design

We were honored to be a sponsor of the annual WORK Conference again here in Austin, Texas. We love any chance to promote women and LGBTQ+ professionals coming together to network and get creative. The highlight of this event design for us was the unique stage — we custom branded our arches as a modern way to bring our brand to the stage as a sponsor.

What is the WORK Conference? 

Launched by Future Front, an organization that hosts year-round shows and workshops here in Austin, in collaboration with Texas McCombs, the WORK Conference provides a space for women and LGBTQ+ leaders in creative industries to come together for community building, collaboration and creativity. With 200 attendees this year, we’ve heard nothing but positive things about this gathering of creatives.

Set the Stage 

We set the stage first by making sure the presenters were cool and comfortable in our orange velvet El Diablo Lounge Chairs. It can be challenging to fill a large space like a stage – statement chairs and a big rug helped to do this while creating visual interest! We also love to use statement chairs on a stage because it will be the focal point of a conference, so it’s important to make it as visually appealing and well-designed as possible.

Our 7th Heaven Arch and 8th Heaven Arch were both custom painted and branded with vinyl letters for the conference, making a standout background for the stage. This is an awesome way to bring a branded moment to stage – all eyes will be on your messaging while the panel is in session.


Lounge and Connect

Our Backseat Lounge was the perfect place for conference-goers to sit back, relax and connect with other attendees. We recommend making networking spaces like lounges a priority at conferences. Your guests will appreciate a stylish, comfortable place to spend quality time with their peers after a panel or presentation.



Customize our arches

Do you want to bring a custom branded moment to your next event with our arches? They can be used as a stage backdrop, a dramatic entryway, a photo backdrop and more. We’ll take care of the custom painting and branding for you! Contact us for inquiries.


Partners in Party/Fellow Sponsors:

UT McCombs School of Business, Tito’s Vodka, Yvonne Shoots


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