90s Throwback | Texas Mutual’s 30th Anniversary

The 90s were only like five years ago, right? You’d really think so with all the 90s fashion making a comeback in recent years (think bucket hats, checkered patterns, and slip dresses). This kitschy 90s throwback Anniversary Party for Texas Mutual successfully captured all the fun (and cringe-worthy) looks of the Saved-by-the-Bell era. It was definitely “da bomb.”

Fun, bright colors and patterns were a staple of the early 90s. Each lounge section featured velvet couches paired with classic 90s prints!

Our yellow Pimm’s Sofa and complementary blue pillows immediately made us think of our favorite windbreakers.

And, of course, the orange Campari Sofa had us reminiscing on the golden days of Nickelodeon. Thankfully this party was missing the green slime.

Speaking of green slime, our Pernod Sofa entered the chat.

Did anyone else have an inflatable sofa? It was probably next to your purple inflatable Spice Girls chair. We can confirm our Moet Sofa is a lot more comfortable and luxurious.

The lounge sections were the perfect place to relax and play a peaceful game of Jenga! Keep scrolling for a trip back to the 90s! Give us a ring if you are ready to host your own kitschy 90s throwback party.

Partners in Party
As always, we appreciate all our industry friends who help create these awesome events!

Partners in Party: @Bigtimecreatives


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