Massage Nooks with LiveLoveRelax

It’s time to take your massage to the next level. Looking for a different kind of activation for your VIP lounge? Or a little TLC the morning of your big day? Let’s work out those kinks with our new massage nooks! We partnered with LiveLoveRelax to bring you a dose of zen for your next event. Why massage? Events…Read More >

An Out-of-This-World, 60s Mod Themed Party

First off, you hire Dominique Mercado to create your space vision. When the stylist and event planner approached us with her idea for her Space Age Sendoff—a chic 60s mod-themed bachelorette party—we couldn’t say no! And we’re glad we didn’t, because as you’ll see, the result was pretty stellar. Too many space jokes? We can’t help it. Dominique brought together an…Read More >

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

You’ve chosen your wedding venue…you know, the one that made you scream yes! This is the place! You’ve pictured yourself getting married and partying the night away. And now it’s time to outfit the space to match up with your vision. First things first — the ceremony may only be twenty minutes, but we want your…Read More >

A Very Austin Bridal Shower

Hello, lovely bride-to-be (or her sister or best friend—thank you for planning)! Looking for bridal shower inspiration? The purpose of these parties, is for the bride-to-be to gather her girls of all generations to shower her with food, gifts and love to help prepare her for her upcoming marriage. While an old-fashion idea, the celebration doesn’t have to be…Read More >

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Party Rentals

Before you’re knee-deep in contemplating centerpieces and crafting the perfect playlist for your wedding day — there’s the engagement party to plan! To us, this is the time to celebrate with close friends and family and should feel like a personal and casual event. We’re big fans of backyard gatherings — anything that allows you to customize the vibe of…Read More >

Adventures at the Moontower: Casa Flor Ixcaco Textiles, Guatemala

Our goal as a boutique event rental house is to capture the Austin spirit in our offerings — what we describe as “modern, but with warmth and plenty of personality!” We see this definition at work in local small businesses, at parties held in one-of-a-kind venues, and in the people we were introduced to in the event industry. And if we…Read More >

Choosing the Right Wedding Rentals for your Venue

Booking your ceremony and reception site is a top priority after setting a budget. While you most likely have several venues in mind from time spent scrolling on Instagram, the fine print can often make the decision for you. Wedding venues typically have a list of preferred vendors, which is certainly helpful when discussing the logistics. A…Read More >