Event Tips for Your Company Holiday Party

The holiday party season is almost upon us! Planning a corporate holiday event can be stressful and time-consuming. We’ve gathered some tips, ideas, and inspiration to make planning your company holiday party less taxing…because the holidays should be enjoyable, right?

Get Feedback Before You Plan!

These are a few points to consider before you dive into planning. If you didn’t take a survey after your last corporate holiday party, now would be the time to get some feedback from some of the attendees. 

  • Can you share some things you liked from previous holiday parties? 
  • Did anything need to be added to last year’s celebration? 
  • What would make you excited about this year’s company holiday party? Would you rather have the party during work hours or after work? 
  • Do you want to see any specific activities at the holiday party?

The feedback to these questions can help determine what games, food, and theme you choose for this year. 


Venues can book up fast, especially around the holidays. It is important to lock down your venue before making too many decisions. If you need a few tips to choose the perfect corporate venue, check out our 5 Tips for Choosing a Corporate Party Venue. Choosing a perfect venue for your next event can significantly impact your event, so we’ve got you covered if you are stuck on choosing. Check out our venue page for inspiration. You can even see how our rentals look out in the wild! 

Decor and Rentals 

Set yourself up for success by choosing a theme that works naturally with your venue space. For example, if your venue is more rustic, it will be hard to pull off a “Modern Holiday in Space” (yup—that’s a real holiday party theme if you’re looking for a wacky one!). Think about existing decor, view, and location. 

No matter the space, we love adding flexible seating options like cocktail table sets and lounges to create relaxed spaces for mingling, which is the goal at a holiday party. Mixing high and low dining sets alongside various lounges is an inventive way to make your event stand out and provide multiple opportunities for your guests to relax.

If you are looking to make your corporate holiday party truly unforgettable? Our lounge event rentals can transform any space into a memorable and comfortable experience. We even have pre-styled themed lounges for you to choose from, or let us help you mix and match to find the perfect vibe for your event. And if you stumble upon a particular piece you love, just let us know – we’re always happy to help you create an impressive space that your guests will love. 


Make your holiday party more than just mingling by planning a few fun activities for your guests. Organizing games at your event can be an excellent way to encourage employees to socialize with each other and demonstrate your team’s importance. Door prizes are a great way to boost participation and express appreciation for your employees’ hard work. 

Last but not least, if you didn’t ask for feedback, set a reminder to ask after your party this year! For internal company events like holiday parties, getting your employees’ two cents makes them feel appreciated and takes into account what they really want!

We hope these tips and ideas help make your company holiday party a success. Party at the Moontower is always ready to help you turn your next holiday corporate event up a notch! Reach out


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