5 Tips for Choosing a Corporate Party Venue

Choosing a venue for your next corporate party or event can be stressful. Your corporate event venue will dictate some aspects of your party, such as capacity, layout, convenience, and timing. Because of this, we suggest confirming your venue before falling in love with specific rentals and themes. These are a few of our tips that will make choosing a corporate party venue a breeze!

Think Outside the Box

Austin is full of unique rental spaces and corporate event venues. Forget those outdated prom banquet halls with no windows and ceiling tiles. Your guests will remember your event if it is an untraditional and distinctive event space. When searching for your venue, they will often have a list of vendors that work regularly and come with great recommendations. Working with vendors who already know the venue and the team can save you time and a headache. A few of our unique favorites are Vuka, Distribution Hall, and Springdale Station

What Venue Size Is Suitable for You?

A major deciding factor in your corporate party venue is the size of the space. You don’t want a venue that’s the wrong side for your event, or else it can look mistakenly unsuccessful. If you rent a venue that is too big, it could seem vacant and empty, making it look like no one came to your party! Alternatively, if too crowded, people get uncomfortable and ornery because they can’t get a drink. When looking at size, you should also consider if anyone needs to get ready at the venue or if special guests need private space before the event. This should all be considered when looking at the size of your venue. Asking for a venue’s floor plan is helpful in getting a clear picture of how you want to arrange the area. 

Scout Venue Locations with Accessibility

A good rule of thumb is to ensure your corporate venue is centrally located, especially if guests come from all over.  Alternatively, consider providing shuttle services if your venue is outside town or where the main accommodations are. Questions you should ask are: is there enough parking for everyone, is it near public transportation, and is it near accommodations? If opting to provide transportation, make sure there is an easily accessible point for pickup and drop off. 

Check on Food and Beverage Options & Policies

Some venues have restrictions on hiring outside catering and alcohol, and some will take care of food and drinks. They might have policies on food minimums, start and finish times, food service, and bar service. Before diving into a contract, check to make sure the venue’s food and beverage options and policies align with your needs. If you are hiring an outside caterer, find out what their needs are as far as the kitchen, refrigeration, and food service facilities. Make sure your caterer knows where loading and unloading will be to make it a seamless service. 

Book as Soon as You Are Sure!

Snatch it up if you’ve chosen the perfect venue for your corporate party! Event spaces can go quickly. Some popular venues will book up months and, in some cases, years in advance. Once you’ve booked the venue space, you can move on to all the other fun details of your corporate event! 

Party at the Moontower is always ready to help you get your party planning started and to help you plan your next corporate event! Choosing a corporate party venue that is perfect for your next event will significantly impact your event’s success. Check out our rentals in the wild at your venue, and contact us with any questions! 


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