Tips for an Unforgettable Corporate Holiday Party

Tis’ the season to plan the most unforgettable corporate holiday party your team has ever seen! Okay, we’re not trying to incite mayhem – but these events encourage a sense of brand pride and give employees a chance to bond outside of the office. Taking a holiday party from blasé to downright unforgettable is an art form, but one we’re well versed in. Let the corporate holiday party planning commence.

Why Have a Corporate Holiday Party?

Whether you’re a part of a small or enterprise-sized company — culture is important! A work atmosphere that encourages creativity and rewards teamwork is undoubtedly going to have a different type of holiday party than a company whose employees are in constant competition with each other and dread time spent with co-workers. We certainly know which party we’d rather go to…

A corporate holiday party is an opportunity to reinforce your company culture or perhaps gives you the chance to reclaim the spirit of the brand by showing your team that you value their happiness.

Where to Have Your Corporate Holiday Party

The venue we recommend depends on the objective of the event. Do you want people to grab food and have a place to sit and chat? Are family members invited? Are we encouraging employees to let loose and hit the dance floor?

Venues we recommend for an intimate space:


corporate holiday party

1102 East


corporate holiday party

The Refinery

Venues we recommend for a family-friendly event:


corporate holiday party

800 Congress


corporate holiday party

Laguna Gloria

Venues we recommend for an all-out party:


corporate holiday party

Brazos Hall

What Makes a Corporate Holiday Party Unforgettable

When it comes to making any event truly unforgettable — it’s all in the details. Of course, there needs to be a bar and some light music — but activities keep people engaged and stop them from getting too rowdy!

On the Monday after the party, we want the team talking about how the kids had such a good time in the child’s tee-pee, or who won the annual corn hole competition. If you’re coming off of a particularly stressful quarter, we suggest having a few Massage Nooks than can be set-up anywhere. What better way to thank employees than with a little onsite R&R? Plant Party offers off-site terrarium group builds — a fun and light-hearted activity that keeps people entertained. As a plus, they walk away with a cute new house (or desk) plant!

We love to subtly weave your brand into the decor — picture your company logo on the corn hole set or the LED dance floor flashing your color scheme — but more than anything, we want your team to have a damn good time.


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