Corporate Event Trend: Creating Networking Spaces

Our Favorite Networking Space Ideas for Your Corporate Event

A trend to watch out for in the corporate event industry this year is a bigger focus on networking opportunities. Sure, this has always been a part of conferences, but companies are putting more focus on giving attendees time and space to network! With more remote workers, in-person connection is what people are craving from corporate events, too. What does this mean for rentals? We’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for creating networking spaces and conversational opportunities within your corporate event.

Connecting in Person

Conference attendees value networking with people in their industry just as much as learning from speakers and keynotes. Hosts have the opportunity to provide time for people to network as well as a space for them to do so! We predict corporate event organizers will focus more on spaces where small groups can gather and chat, like lounges that provide comfortable seating for 5-8 people. When conference-goers leave a big keynote, they can find a lounge to relax and talk with other guests before the next event.

Our pre-styled lounge options are a great place to start when considering soft seating. Pieces can be swapped or added if you don’t find the perfect fit for your event!

Happier Hours

People note that they don’t have time for networking in their daily life so conference hosts should be planning gatherings outside of main events—happy hours, smaller roundtable discussions, lunches and more. We all know a drink or two can make networking easier so organizers should consider a space for happy hour with a bar and tall cocktail tables like our Julep Cocktail Tables pictured below. These standing-only spaces are where conference-goers can easily mingle and chat.

Coffee Chats

Obviously, people are gathering at coffee or refreshment bars in between speakers or workshops. Organizers should consider providing multiple refreshment bars placed in different spots around the venue so that crowds don’t get stuck in a long line waiting for their refreshments. Attendees can move freely and gather in small groups in these spaces. Standing cocktail tables or small tables with one or two chairs are great for these areas.

You can also create your own pop-up coffee shop at at a conference, like the one pictured below! Start by browsing our bar options and then add chairs and bistro tables to your wishlist.

Lunch Dates

Organizers should avoid long, rectangular tables at lunches if they can. Smaller, round tables are much more conducive to conversation and it’s easier to prevent people from being placed in the corner alone. Consider something like our 60″ Ciroc Round Dining Tables! Literally think “roundtable discussions” which are historically for learning from your peers.

You may want to provide a less formal dining option so attendees aren’t stuck seated in one spot at all. A great option for a more casual lunch are taller pub tables like our Hemingway. Instead of awkwardly finding a seat with your plate of food, you can stroll up to the table and start a conversation. Our bars can also make good food stations if you’re going to have multiple food options available.

Planning your next corporate event and love these ideas for networking spaces? Our designers can help curate the perfect furniture and items for a better networking experience than ever. Contact us now!


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