The Moontower Take: Company Events

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some seriously cool brands here in Austin and can confidently say that the era of stiff, boring company events are over.

Businesses know rolling out the red carpet for employees is key to long-term motivation, satisfaction, and productivity in the long run.

If you’re in charge of planning an upcoming company picnic, retreat or seasonal party for your company, let us offer some guidance on how we’d go about it…

Company Picnic

company picnic

Whether you’ve booked a bigger venue like Laguna Gloria or a cozier one like 1102 East… maybe even outside of Austin in Driftwood or near Lake Travis, we’re lucky to live in a city with some amazing venue options. We suggest setting up a variety of seating areas. From Biergarten tables to highboys, you want your employees to have a good time and talk to each other.

For company events where the whole family is invited, an area for kids to play, eat and the color is appreciated by all.

Company Retreat

company events

We want to focus in on the “retreat” aspect.  It has to look and feel as if it’s a getaway from the daily grind.

You can go full zen by adding yoga or meditation to the schedule. For those that don’t want to work for their R&R, you can incorporate a private massage nook.

To make it a place where your team truly feels comfortable—from brainstorming to shooting the breeze—ensure the lounge set-up has plenty of comfy and cozy seating.

Our take? Our Aviator Modular Sofa, scattered floor cushions, and one-too-many throw pillows (because there is no such thing as too many)!

Team Building

company events

If you ask us, the formula for successful team building = group activities/experiences. A place to gather and talk about those experiences and solidify new bonds is ideal.

Activity ideas include (but are certainly not limited to) scavenger hunts, simple construction projects, karaoke-ing, yard games and of course, eating! Try taking your top employees lakeside for a group workout, then give them a spot to hang out, eat a picnic lunch and discuss their goals.

Seasonal Staff Parties

company events

It’s currently a little far off to start planning the annual Christmas party, but we can definitely start dreaming about the onset of cooler temperatures (especially in Texas). Whether your party is off-site or in the office, the space has to undergo some kind of transformation so staff members can put the workday behind them and focus on having some fun.

As far as decor is concerned, you don’t have to cover every inch in red, green and tinsel. We love working in subtle tones of the season—natural, earth tones for fall parties and deep reds, silver, and golds during the wintertime.

Throwing a party of any kind is an art form that we know your employees will appreciate. Well-executed internal company events leave team members recharged and excited about the brand they’re helping to build!

If you’re in the process of planning a corporate presentation or panel, here are 5 better ways to set the stage.


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