New Years Chair Sale

Don’t miss out on our deepest discount of the year. Book your order by January 31st to receive 30% off our exclusive designer dining chairs: the French 75, Manhattan or Negroni.

Party at the Moontower is the only rental vendor in Texas that carries these beauties, so you can be sure your wedding will be as unique as you! Plus, book with confidence because we will honor this promotional rate for any additions to your order you need to make after the sale ends.

Not familiar with these pieces? Let us introduce you!

French 75 Chair

The French 75 is a minimalist’s dream. Weatherproof, yet elegant, these Fermob metal chairs come in a match-everything Linen color. Hailing from France and ubiquitous in Paris cafes and parks, The French 75 is the pinnacle of outdoor luxury. Pair it with the French 75 Table and you have a quaint place to gather around. No need for linen — let these pieces do the talking!

High Dot Studios @ Prospect House
Mint Event Designs
XOKO Photo / Malleret Designs


The Negroni Chair, also known as the “Bentwood 14” first came on the scene in 1859 in Vienna, Austria. Designed by Michael Thonet, this timeless chair has made its way around the world and continues to be a staple in high end places of hospitality.  Its simple yet classic design means it can easily stand on its own, or serve to complement your decor. We have yet to find a setting where it doesn’t shine — industrial, modern, romantic — the Negroni looks good for any occassion.

Rachel Photographs @ One Eleven East
Grant Daniels Photography @ Greenhouse at Driftwood
Jerry Hayes Photography @ 800 Congress


The Manhattan Chair, another genuine Thonet design, is for those who prefer something a bit more bold. With a near-black stain, we love the Manhattan for a black tie affair or bringing something a bit more masculine to the table. This chair is decidedly upscale and unique, as no other rental house in Texas carries anything similar. Choosing the Manhattan speaks volumes in the most subtle way!

Mattie’s at Green Pastures
Carina Skrobecki Photo @ Laguna Gloria

If you can’t decide between the soft lines of the Negroni or the structured shape of the Manhattan, consider mix and matching! See below where this has been brilliantly executed and deserves repeating.

Rachel Photographs at One Eleven East
HighDot Studios @ Fair Market

To take advantage of the New Years Chair Sale, simply mention it to our team after submitting your rental wishlist! While 50% of the deposit is due in January, the event can be any time of year.

We look forward to partying with you and can’t wait to see which exclusive dining chair you pick!


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