Who is Party at the Moontower?


The Party at the Moontower origin story is a classic tale of two friends who, while searching for event furnishings for Christie’s wedding, saw a need for more contemporary, design-forward rentals. So, as true lovers of cool furniture (and partying), we set out to create an event rental house that captures the soul of Austin — modern with warmth and plenty of personality!

With our vision in place, we needed a name that paid proper respects to our fair city. For those of you that know the iconic, cult-classic movie, Dazed and Confused, directed by the local Richard Linklater, you already know that the plot culminates around a bunch of Austin high-schoolers in the 1970’s gathering for a party… a “Party at the Moontower”.

Seriously, go watch this movie.

History Sidebar: Before the days of street lamps, cities across America erected tall towers outfitted with multiple bright lights which would illuminate an entire neighborhood (or at least a couple blocks). Austin is the only city in America with its Moontower lights still in operation and they have since become an iconic feature of the city.

Awesome bell-bottom outfits are worn, joints are smoked and general shenanigans ensue—all taking place in various locations around old-school Austin. Authentic, hilarious and full of soul, the movie embodies the ultimate spirit of “party.” So when Tenaya suggested Party at the Moontower for our company name, we thought a nod to this movie felt spot on.

But what if someone doesn’t get the reference or doesn’t know the movie exists? Who cares… it’s just a fun name! (Have you not seen this movie? What?! Do yourself a favor and just watch it now. Bonus: more than a few of the quotable lines are delivered by a young Matthew McConaughey, who has a small but memorable role as a dude way too old to be hanging out with high school kids).

While our name and team’s demeanor is fun and light-hearted, our guiding philosophy speaks to our deeper appreciation for our clients and love for all things creative. Now for our serious hat…


Always Growing: If we’re not growing we’re dead! We are continually discovering, adapting and creating cool new inventory. 

Creativity: We are driven by our need to create. We use our creative energy to shape memorable and thoughtful event experiences.

Enthusiasm: We are in the business of celebration! We have fun and genuinely enjoy what we do.

Connection: We seek genuine interactions and relationships. We support the community by regularly donating our services and working with local artisans.

Experience is King: We strive to be extra-ordinary, reliable and warm in all aspects of our business, from our sales interactions to execution of orders. 

Be Thoughtful: Events take a team to pull off. We are collaborators first and will always work to make our clients vision a reality and be as helpful as we can along the way. We are easy to work with. No high maintenance attitudes here.

Be Curious: Our eyes are always open. We encourage travel because it broadens our experiences. We find inspiration from our native and local landscape.

The Moontower team has since grown from the starting two to the core four. Over the next few months, we’ll be spotlighting each individual — sharing their passions and the badass qualities they bring to PATM. No matter how large or at what rate our team grows, we aim to build a culture that celebrates individuality, encourages play and respects the art of the party.


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